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Student Spotlight: Rajat Agarwal

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Student Spotlight: Rajat Agarwal



Sports have always been a big part of his life, and one day Rajat Agarwal hopes to be an anchor on CBS Sports or ESPN. A Broadcast and New Media major from Knoxville, Tennessee Agarwal is now one of the sports anchors for ELN. Unlike some of the population, Agarwal enjoys being on camera and giving presentations in class. But, he also enjoys being behind the scenes too, by learning how to direct, create packages, and set up proper interviews.

Agarwal has had two great internship experiences, one with a radio station and another with a TV station, both in Knoxville, Tennessee. The internships revolved around athletics with the stations partnering with University of Tennessee. At the radio station, Agarwal assisted in the development of the show by getting notes and stats for the anchors, looking up biographies for the players, and running the soundboard. At WVLT Volunteer TV, Agarwal was taught how to film practices and games. And by the end of his internship the anchors would throw him the camera and let him go! He said, “I would do some of the shooting. And the days we weren’t super rushed, I would be able to edit and put together packages, and basically stack the show.”

Role models are people we look up to as an example to be imitated. Chris Fowler is Agarwal’s role model because “he is maybe one of the few [sports anchors] that covers every sport.” Chris Fowler can be best known for hosting “College GameDay” on ESPN. He is a guru when it comes to college football, but also has the ability to venture over to tennis or basketball. Agarwal thinks Fowler’s is one of the most talented sportscasters because he is so well versed in all things sports.

Although Agarwal’s passion lies in sports anchoring, he believes it is a dying market, specifically on local stations. Since ESPN, CBS, and other big networks are beginning to cover all sports ranging from high school to professional, the local stations are finding ways to save money by cutting back on the sports departments.

But, Agarwal acknowledges that he will have to start in a smaller market before jumping up to ESPN, CBS Sports, or any other big network. He has “a big respect for college athletes and how they are able to balance playing, going to practice everyday, and getting work done,” so covering collegiate sports is something that he has already begun to enjoy.

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Student Spotlight: Emily Haring

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Student Spotlight: Emily Haring



From Germany to Kansas to Elon, North Carolina, Emily Haring is this year’s host for ESTV’s Win Stuff! Haring has been involved in creating media since childhood when she would make newspapers called “The Unicorn Times” for her parents to read. In high school, Haring worked at the student newspaper, and now at Elon, she has worked for The Pendulum, Live Oak Communications, Elon Tonight and Win Stuff.

Haring is a Broadcast and New Media major with a minor in Spanish. This past summer she participated in Elon in New York and had an internship with a graphic design company. While there she did marketing and brand development for nonprofit and political organizations through designing posters, websites and email templates. Haring said, “One of the most important things for marketing with these companies was getting into people’s inbox’s and getting their information out there.”

Next fall, Haring hopes to go to Seville, Spain for the journalism and new media program. After graduation, she would like to live abroad for a few years in Spain, Argentina, or Chile. Her ideal job would be creating graphic designs and brand development for a company in one of those countries.

Haring acknowledges that she has been “bouncing around a lot” but is happy with where she is now. From wanting to work for a newspaper, or be a TV show host, or even an actress, Haring has done it all!

If you haven’t watched Win Stuff, check it out! If you want to be on the show, it tapes on Wednesdays from 5:30pm – 7:00pm. Win Stuff is then aired on channel 5 or online at For more information on the show follow them on Twitter @elonWinStuff and “Like” them on Facebook.

Student Spotlight: Ariana Badiali

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Student Spotlight: Ariana Badiali



Last year she was a host, this year she is the producer. E-talk’s very own, Ariana Badiali, got involved with student media when she was only a freshman in high school. Badiali went to Washington Township High School in New Jersey where she assisted in producing their morning show, and ever since she has wanted to pursue a career in television.

Badiali is Broadcast Journalism major with a minor in Psychology. Throughout her childhood she fell in love with E! News and admired Julianna Rancic. When she first arrived as a sophomore transfer, she went to the interest meeting for ESTV and immediately got involved in E-Talk where she became the host of the show with Ashley McGetrick, Grace Baldridge, and Caroline McSwain. Her favorite topic to talk about was celebrity news and gossip. Now, as a producer, she has taken on a whole new set of tasks consisting of creating content, rundowns, and segments, writing scripts, and blocking the show.

This winter, Badiali will be shadowing a producer with Comcast SportsCenter and the 76ers. And in the spring, she will be doing Elon in LA. She has not acquired an internship yet, but with some Elon connections, she is hoping to grasp one with E! or Ellen.

Since Badialia has done on camera and behind the scenes, she is starting to get a feel for what she would like to do in the long run. “Now that I’ve had a taste of behind the scenes, I don’t want to be on camera. I want to be behind the scenes producing for entertainment news or producing a scripted television show.”

Best of luck to Ms. Badiali! If you haven’t watched E-Talk, check it out! It’s broadcast Thursday’s at 6:00PM on channel 5 or online at For more information on the show follow them on Twitter @ETalk  and “Like” them on Facebook.