ETalk, Elon’s entertainment talk show, started in 2011 with a desire to give Elon students the opportunity to learn and grow as communications students in a fun and enriching environment. The brain child of Devarrick Turner, Don Granese and Katie O’ Brien, ETalk covers celebrity gossip, entertainment news, health & fitness, fashion and much more; everything from LA to Elon. ETalk is also committed to reaching out to the Elon community to showcase all of the talented and innovative individuals and organizations that Elon’s campus has to offer.

This award winning show utilizes everyone’s talents, offers lots of opportunities for leadership and is always open to new ideas. Last year, ETalk expanded to include a new entertainment radio talk show and webisode. If a fun, encouraging, and hard working environment is one that appeals to you as you gain experience in your communications interests, please contact Teri Monroe at for more information on how to get involved with Elon’s entertainment talk show, ETalk.

Make sure to check out ETalk’s website for all the newest updates!

ETalk films Thursday nights at 6 p.m.