Last year she was a host, this year she is the producer. E-talk’s very own, Ariana Badiali, got involved with student media when she was only a freshman in high school. Badiali went to Washington Township High School in New Jersey where she assisted in producing their morning show, and ever since she has wanted to pursue a career in television.

Badiali is Broadcast Journalism major with a minor in Psychology. Throughout her childhood she fell in love with E! News and admired Julianna Rancic. When she first arrived as a sophomore transfer, she went to the interest meeting for ESTV and immediately got involved in E-Talk where she became the host of the show with Ashley McGetrick, Grace Baldridge, and Caroline McSwain. Her favorite topic to talk about was celebrity news and gossip. Now, as a producer, she has taken on a whole new set of tasks consisting of creating content, rundowns, and segments, writing scripts, and blocking the show.

This winter, Badiali will be shadowing a producer with Comcast SportsCenter and the 76ers. And in the spring, she will be doing Elon in LA. She has not acquired an internship yet, but with some Elon connections, she is hoping to grasp one with E! or Ellen.

Since Badialia has done on camera and behind the scenes, she is starting to get a feel for what she would like to do in the long run. “Now that I’ve had a taste of behind the scenes, I don’t want to be on camera. I want to be behind the scenes producing for entertainment news or producing a scripted television show.”

Best of luck to Ms. Badiali! If you haven’t watched E-Talk, check it out! It’s broadcast Thursday’s at 6:00PM on channel 5 or online at For more information on the show follow them on Twitter @ETalk  and “Like” them on Facebook.

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